Monday, 30 December 2013

New blog on architecture

So far from 2012 every year I have created a new blog to cover an area of interest in architecture. So far in 2012 I created 'Medieval London' inspired after a visit to the picturesque area of Smithfield around St Bartholomew's church. In 2013 I created 'British Brutalism' as my taste in architecture matured to include more modern buildings. This was partly inspired by a visit to Preston to see the iconic bus station, threatened with demolition by the council. For 2014 I thought I would broaden the content with no restrictions on a period or style of architecture on which to write on, hence I have created 'Nostalgia's architecture' ('Nostalgia' is my profile name in case anyone is wondering). I will write about single buildings, places and issues on which I feel strongly. I travel England as frequently as I can and am always looking for the picturesque, the grotesque and the interesting in our built environment.  

For now I present a few of my favourite posts from Medieval London and British Brutalism  but soon I will get down to writing some new content. (the links of which are displayed on the side). Happy new year!

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